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University of St Andrews


Katharyn Church


Class of 2017

Katharyn is the sort of person that any team would be delighted to have. With her kind, unassuming and hard working nature, it was an honour to play along side her. She joined the team with Eleanor, playing nearly every minute in the Premier League depsite being a complete beginner. Katharyn picked up the sport unbelievable quickly, scoring numerous goals throughout her first season. She then established herself as a very reliable Centre-Back and became known for her brilliant lob shot. Katharyn was  at every practice, always working on improving her game and was an extremely reliable member of the team. No post about Katharyn would be complete without mentioning her delicious oreo truffles and raspberry cookies that will be very sorely missed. Katharyn is now living in Newcastle, working as a Transport Planner and we are all very excited to visit when we're in town!

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