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Newcastle Come to Visit

By Saints Water Polo, Oct 2 2017 06:35PM

This weekend, we had a training visit from our friends and BUCS rivals, the Newcastle Women’s team.

We played them three times last season in the Premier league and although they beat us each time, we won them over with our charm and wit and convinced them to come up and get some training and game experience with us.

They arrived on Saturday afternoon to a sunny St. Andrews (a rare occurrence). After a short walking tour around the three main streets, we headed to the pool at Dundee, Olympia. We played a full game, with some excellent play from both sides. Both teams soon realised that the other had become much stronger since we had last played each other, which made for an exciting match. Unfortunately, in the end Newcastle claimed a narrow 1 goal victory. We then headed back to St. Andrews to try to see if we would have better luck beating them (or at least matching them) at the bar (alas we did not). We took them to a host of St. Andrew’s finest dining establishments including Dervish, Blackhorns and Zizzi’s and reassembled at the Rule bar for what was only the start of the night’s shenanigans. I’ll leave the rest of the night to your imaginations but let’s just say the 9:30am breakfast rendez-vous was a struggle for both teams.

After a hearty breakfast (and a lot of water) we prepared to leave once again for Dundee. The two coaches put together a joint warm-up for us and then we proceeded to start the second friendly game. St. Andrews was unfortunately missing a few more key players including Nicole, Becky, Kerry and Maddie. This meant some of the more inexperienced players got a lot of important playing time and each really improved their game. Newcastle, however once again clenched victory, so congratulations to them for two great games! The weekend ended with both teams taking advantage of the waterslides, although the stairs to reach them proved a real struggle. Exhausted, but feeling slightly better than earlier that morning we parted ways until our upcoming BUCS match.

Thank you so much for coming Newcastle; it was really a good training experience and great fun! We wish you the best of luck with all your games and can’t wait to see you all again soon.

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