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St Andrews take on Step Rock

By Saints Water Polo, Nov 25 2017 09:57PM

The St Andrews Water Polo team trains seven times a week, however on November 20th they decided to mix things up and do some coaching themselves.

Having been gifted new caps last year by the Hamish McHamish Foundation, the team wanted to give something back to the local community. Therefore on Monday evening they made their way to the pool at St Leonards School, less than 12 hours after training there that morning, where the Step Rock swimming club excitedly awaited them.

Ranging from ages six to eleven, the children in the club were all confident swimmers and their coach, Alison (who also happens to be assistant coach of the Water Polo Club), thought it would be fun for them to try out some Water Polo. Fresher Nicole Thompson designed a set that mimicked a shorter version of a usual training session, and other team members came along to help both in and out of the pool and take photos.

After warming up with some swimming and egg-beating, the children got into pairs and did some passing to get a feel for the ball. Then Thompson hyped them up with one of the team’s favourite games in which half of the players are given a ball and the rest must steal it off them before the coach blows the whistle. Any players left without a ball had to swim two lengths of butterfly as a forfeit. The next activity was shooting, which was highly-anticipated by the children. They all did very well and many goals were scored despite men’s team captain Arky Osovtsov trying his hand at goalkeeper for the evening. Finally, the children put their new skills to the test and were divided into small groups to scrimmage against each other.

Overall the session was highly enjoyable on both sides. The team received a lot of positive feedback from both the swimmers and their parents, with some children even saying that it was their favourite session and asking for more Water Polo sessions. The helpers from St Andrews Water Polo Club also found the session very rewarding and entertaining, and themselves learnt some useful skills from teaching the children.

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