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Snow, Stranded Saints, Some Majors and a Win

By Saints Water Polo, Mar 5 2018 10:14AM

On Tuesday Saints decided to ignore all the weather warnings and head down to Bristol. We enjoyed a nice Premier Inn stay, got ready for a normal match and planned to travel home that night. Unfortunately not much of that plan happened…

Wednesday morning began with our classic breakfast feat. hash browns. We agreed to get taxis to the pool, Ian then showed up and we had to walk. Luckily it was so short and not at all directly up a cliff. We all made it to the pool (just) in time for the great news that we had no way to get back home afterwards. Spirits were up thinking we were in for a short adventure, as we got ready for the game. (Narrator: it was not short)

The game got off to a rather interesting start, with our first major coming after 15 seconds, setting the tone for the game. By the end of the first quarter we had five ejections and no Nicole. Luckily we had so many subs (Narrator: they did not).

Bristol were playing extremely well and with our lack of subs (thanks Nicole) the game remained very tight. Majors were pelting down like the snow in Scotland on both sides with more of the game played man up than six on six. Thankfully, we can’t practice anything in St. Leonards other than man up, so we were well prepared (pls give us a pool). All of Elle’s attendance at morning trainings paid off and she scored some great counter attacks and almost died to get us our fifth 5m penalty. Ruby V impressed all the teams (including the Bristol’s men’s team) by scoring every 5meter beautifully. Cheered on by an angry yet extremely energetic Nicole, the Saints held a lead and eventually swept the game away. Despite ending with only 6 eligible players left (Becky and Ruby V. joined Nicole on the bench after receiving their third majors), the Saints ended up winning 20-14. Georgie was a bit confused at the end after being left in the entire time, and may have been angrier than Nicole because of this.

With the promise of actually taking a break on our long trek back to the hotel, we decided this would be in the form of cake. We demolished some afternoon tea, cakes, ice cream and smoothies and somehow lost Georgie and Elle on the way back. We sent a search party in the form of Ruby Brown and made sure they were still alive. We then went shopping and attempted to find the best outfit for under £10. Everyone failed but Elle and Ruby B channeled their inner British chav and came away with amazing matching outfits.

The Bristol girls were extremely nice and invited us to their social that night (classic) with their boy’s team. We made many new friends and enjoyed some nightlife that included an actual club that did not close at 2a.m. We’d love to get them up for a training trip in St. Andrews next semester!!

Waking up in the morning we thought all was good; we’d had a great night, won a match and would now head back. This however was not the case. We realized there were no flights from Bristol so we made a decision to head to London. The only train making it was leaving in 30mins. Luckily we were all together and near the train station and not lost anywhere so we all easily made the train.

Now in London, we had to divide up between two houses, splitting based on preferences about whether to ever leave the house again. Amelia’s house saw many sights of London, went on cultural visits and visited local parks. Georgie’s house ate many biscuits, slept until 2pm and tried to win the affection of the dogs (and failed).

With planes and trains cancelled we researched other ways to get home. Our top ideas included a cruise from Southampton to Edinburgh (via New York) or buying a boat. Unfortunately, as our first option would take 100 days and did not leave until July and our second option cost £200,000, both of these were vetoed by the AU. That left us in London for another day, so Saints took upon the only sensible solution; doing no university work and going out in London instead.

Luckily we managed to get a flight for Sunday, only six days after we set off, ready for Monday morning training.

Thank you so much to the AU for sorting out all our travel and to Gill & David and Carol & Richard for housing everyone!

Some Stranded Saints
Some Stranded Saints

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