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Saints Water Polo offer up to 50% Scholarships for Postgraduates and Undergraduates who have exceptional sporting achievements. Please navigate to the required area of study for more information. To apply, please fill out the form below.

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Sports Scholar Programme

How to apply

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The Performance Sport Programme aims to support the very best athletes aspiring to compete at international level. Our programme allows students to gain a world-class education while competeting at the highest level of University Sport.  


Services available within the Programme include:


• Performance and individual technique video analysis

• Director of Water Polo with international playing and coaching experience

• Personalised sport specifc strength and conditioning programme

• Individual development plans

• Sport psychology support

• Access to physiotherapy and injury prevention support

• International pre-season

• Summer training programme

• Personalised nutritional guidance

To apply for a Water Polo Scholarship or for more information, get in touch using the form below. Please include previous clubs and any acheivements.